aTrans with software exchange campaign during August

Press Release

Software for road freight management - aTrans launches promotional campaign of 25% discount on software exchange, valid during the month of August.

Software aTrans, the ABMN solution for the transport sector, has just launched a software exchange campaign, valid during the month of August. The campaign is aimed at carriers that, although using an operational management solution, intends to evolve to a more current software and with greater process coverage.

This campaign allows transport sector companies to enjoy a 25% discount on all aTrans licensing if they wish to exchange solution. This discount is intended not only for medium and large carriers, but also for small carriers with a reduced number of vehicles, as the discount applies to the aTrans entry ranges, too.

With this Campaign, ABMN intends to allow companies that have already invested in transportation software but are unsatisfied, to exchange solution with special prices. It is intended that carriers that have previously invested in software can leverage a new investment.

The campaign is valid only during the month of August.