Brunotir implements aTrans

Press Release

The carrier Brunotir chose aTrans solution for its transportation operation management, in integration with the ERPN PHC. aTrans software, already with the Primavera Certified Product Quality Seal, is now also able to be integrated with the PHC management, expanding its market coverage.

The solution for transportation management by ABMN, aTrans, continues its seeding on the national market. The carrier BRUNOTIR, a company of reference in the sector, distinguished as a PME Leader enterprise, browsed the market and decided to implement aTrans, which will work in total integration with the PHC management department.

The implementation of aTrans is part of BRUNOTIR's sustained growth policy, which recently inaugurated its new facilities in AMARES, concentrating all necessary assets in the same location.

With the implementation by BRUNOTIR, aTrans transportation software continues to bet on ensuring its functional coverage of the entire sector. Integration with ERP PHC allows companies using it to install aTrans as a solution for transportation management, without the need for any change in management software.

aTrans software adds another customer of reference of the national panorama, since BRUNOTIR has registered in the last years an "exponential growth in volume of business and the truck fleet".