Cargo Terminal implements aTrans

News, Press Release

The terminal cargo company, whose activity focuses on the transport of containerized cargo, has selected aTrans software for the management of its operation. This implementation is an important milestone for aTrans, which extends the functional coverage, responding to the specifics of this type of service.

The company Cargo Terminal, which concentrates an important part of its activity in the transport of containerized cargo, chose aTrans solution for the operational management of its business. The decision of the carrier was based on the recognition of the technology incorporated in the aTrans solution, as well as its evolutionary capacity. The project will be marked by the orientation of the product to the functional coverage of that specific type of transportation service.

With the increasing importance that national ports are acquiring, aTrans is also seen as a solution that meets the functional needs and coverage of processes in the transport of containerized cargo. The product continues to consolidate its position in the transport market, responding to ever more exclusive service areas.

The implementation of aTrans in the Cargo Terminal carrier will be integrated with the ERP PHC, in terms of the administrative and financial management of the organization. The company intends to consolidate its growth and achieve significant gains in productivity and time by adopting a fully integrated management system that functionally covers all operational and management processes.

aTrans, the management solution for transport operation, continues to grow and evolve, deepening the coverage of the several processes and service typologies in the industry, as well as giving proof of robustness and technology.