Second edition of the event "Transport Management Sector Challenges" took place at the Alfândega Building, Oporto

Press Release

During the afternoon of June 16, ABMN held the second edition of the Cycle of Seminars "Transport Management Sector Challenges" at the Alfândega Building in Oporto, an event in which the North and Central carriers had the opportunity to get to know the new version of the solution for the Road Freight Transportation Sector - aTrans - Logistic Software System. The event was enriched with the presence of the co-founder of PRIMAVERA BSS, Eng. Jorge Baptista, ANTRAM Vice-President for the Central Region, Dr. Nelson Sousa and Case Study João Pires Transportes Internacional, with the intervention of Sílvia Pires.

After the first edition, held in Lisbon, Porto was the stage for the exclusive event for transportation companies - the highlight was the presentation of the new version of aTrans - Logistic Software System.

Among the great new features presented, the highlight were the new Timeline - more versatile and with more ready-to-use information - the linkage to PRIMAVERA's Business Analytics and the web version of the solution. aTrans solution was also present in the João Pires Internacional Transportes - Company Case Study. Through the testimony left by Eng. Sílvia Pires, Quality Manager of the carrier, the attendees were able to perceive the product framing.

The presence of ANTRAM reinforced the prestige of the event, being represented by the Vice President of the Region, Dr. Nelson Sousa, administrator of the company JLS - Transportes Internacionais. His intervention focused on the current context of the sector, focusing on the difficulties, challenges and opportunities that set the reality of carriers. The necessity felt by the sector of a management solution drawn and conceived from scratch for the transportation of goods was reinforced.

In addition to aTrans, participants were also able to get to know the EYE PEAK solution, from PRIMAVERA BSS for the logistics sector. The conference ended with the intervention of the company Frederico Mendes & Associados, on the framework of PORTUGAL 2020 in the Transportation Sector and the strategic opportunities that this incentive framework holds.