Transportes Sousa Gomes implements aTrans

Press Release

The carrier, a reference in central Portugal, chose aTrans solution for the management its transportation operation. The company is at the final stage of aTrans implementation, with ERP Primavera integration. The productive start-up with aTrans defines a new level in the company's information technology upgrade.

Transportes Sousa Gomes (TSG) is already managing its entire transportation operation through aTrans, whose implementation is at its completion stage. During the process of installing the new software, TSG was able to bring the solution closer to its working processes, which allowed it to achieve high levels of dematerialisation and digitisation.

The work carried out during last summer at TSG allows the carrier to take a differentiating position in the market, to the level of operational and financial control that has become available to its management.

Transportes Sousa Gomes opted for aTrans solution due to the trust that the software adds to the transportation market and because it is a product that guarantees the whole company management integration on a single platform. aTrans, with Primavera Certified Product Quality Seal, met the requirements of the company, that has found a solution with wide functional coverage and great capacity of process scope and response to real work environments.

TSG uses aTrans daily to manage the entire transportation operation, which enhances reliability and product quality. aTrans keeps its path of affirmation in the national market, where it takes a prominent position among transport sector solutions.

aTrans software rises the trust level, which allows it to continue to be the preferred option by leading companies in the national panorama. By adding Transportes Sousa Gomes to its customer base, the product reinforces the security and usability guarantees for all its users.