Custom development

Our main mission today is to develop solutions that clearly respond to the specific needs of organisations, regarding the control of operational processes, data processing, management methods and functional coverage in the administrative, financial, accounting or human resources areas.

The presentation of global solutions, covering the different functional areas of the organisations, motivated ABMN to invest in the area of Software Development. This department presents proper skills to develop widely vertical solutions that integrate with the ERP management.

"The Software Development Department is also technically apt to produce applications that bring depth and extensibility to Primavera ERP, enabling our client to derive maximum investment potential from their management software."
Vítor Veiga, ABMN

In addition to the products already placed for sectors of Transportation, Industry and Automobile Workshops, ABMN also develops root solutions, based on previous work of consulting and process survey and custom-made to each client. It guarantees the ability to implement solutions perfectly adapted to the reality of the organisation.