At ABMN we believe that the provided service to our clients males the difference. That is why we combine efforts to define the service we offer as an added value asset for organisations. Therefore, we do not limit the action of our consultants to solve problems, we also act preventively.

Therefore, we assign a central importance to training, since we know that it is a determining factor for the success of a solution. If the main players of a company are not properly trained to approach a new way of working, surely the implemented solution will not reach its goals. In addition, users need to be able to update their knowledge about management solutions as they follow the evolution of technology, too.

Competent Team

ABMN offers its clients a skilled team to train users of its solutions, whether it is ERP Primavera or an integrated solution developed by ABMN.

In addition to this initial training, ABMN offers specific training sessions to meet the training needs felt in the market for different reasons: new versions of the solutions, legal and tax changes, new functionalities availability, competencies revalidation  or others.

Training Sessions

ABMN offers a calendar with training sessions on specific topics, promotes free events open to the public, focusing on the solutions it has on the market and also elaborates custom training plans tailored to the client’s needs.

ERP PRIMAVERA Training - Level II

ABMN will soon have 3 training sessions available - "ERP Primavera - Level II". They will focus on the following modules:


The training sessions will take place as follows:

  1. GUIMARÃES - April 11 to 15
  2. FUNCHAL - April 18 to 22
  3. VIANA DO CASTELO - May 2 to 6

Request the submission of the technical file of the Training Sessions by email: