textile software system

ABMN springs off in Guimarães, in a geographical area widely defined by the prevalence of the industrial sector, namely those most related to textiles and fabrics.

Hence, the growth and consolidation of ABMN as a reference in technology and solution development is intrinsically linked to the industry.

After several years working on custom solutions, designed for reference customers in the industry, our Software Development Department has launched 3 solutions for different sectors of the Textile Industry, which have already been awarded with the Primavera Certified Product Quality Seal.

Main Features:

Management of models produced by designers and their approvals.

Basic technical information on production and its associated cost control.

Proposal management to clients and approval control.

Management and control of all services, tasks, materials and processes associated with the production of each order and its subcontracting.

Percentage loss control associated with each supplier.

Efficient and real-time management of order execution rate.

Efficient management of order production needs, taking existing stocks into account.

Inventory management and traceability of products used and operations carried out on each order.

Definition of alerts for critical points in order execution, allowing real-time delay correction.

Delivery order issuing. Automatic billing of delivery orders. Printing of barcode labels associated with a particular order.

Total ERP integration, interconnection between productive and management departments, with significant gains in available data for decision makers. Product certified with the PRIMAVERA Certified Product Quality Seal.

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