logistic software system

Our aTrans - logistic software system is tailor-made for the Road Freight Transport sector. ABMN - Business Solutions replies to a growing market need -  transport sector management and process control.

This solution is created from scratch by ABMN and allows its integration in a single platform with all other sectors of management. Since it is a product entirely designed by ABMN, it is prepared to grow according to each business reality. In addition to the full version, aTrans is also available in Simple and SaaS versions, in order to meet the different sizes and needs of the companies present in the market.

Quality Seal by Primavera Software

aTrans is certified with the Primavera Software Quality Seal. This recognition confirms our product quality, but also the capacity of the team responsible for the production and development of the application.

Our solution aTrans allows not only control of all inherent business costs - tolls, fees, mobile communications, or other - but also effective route planning, reducing the "empty kilometre” to low percentages. It includes all vehicle maintenance, as well as supporting gear management.

"An increasingly demanding and competitive market forces companies, on one hand, to have a rapid, efficient and quality response capability and, on the other hand, to optimize their resources.
The success will go through a strict control and optimisation of all processes inherent to the transport activity.
aTrans is an excellent business assistant, allowing not only the centralisation of all information, but also the access to the analysis of it quickly and simply.”
Eng. Sílvia Pires / João Pires - Internacional Transportes

aTrans is based on the most modern technologies, which justifies its robustness, extensibility and usability. ABMN's Development Department has built aTrans based on a platform with functional and technological features that add to this solution a valuable potential for organisations that face daily market challenges.

  • Multilingual;
  • Multi-user;
  • Access Control;
  • Safety;
  • Maps and Parameterisable Listings;
  • Notification System;
  • UX - User Experience;
  • Extensibility.

aTrans, as a solution designed for the Road Freight Transport sector, presents to the companies in this business area all necessary instruments to implement an integrated and complete management system of all company data. At its base, aTrans provides functionalities and necessary features to deal with the main inherent management process of Transport organisations.

Main Features

Graphic presentation of the drivers’ occupation, vehicles, trailers and cargo planning, with the possibility of - Graphic planning; Management of coupling and uncoupling operations; Cargo transfer; Repair scheduling or other operations.

Routes management, distance control, cost control per kilometer.

Happening management, costs control, income control, rate management.

Registration and processing of all information CMR-related.

Definition of pricing: by customer, origin/ destination or others and for a range of dates. Price history by customer, zone, type of cargo or other.

Custom definition of charts and reports.

Auxiliary vehicle equipment management: tachographs, electronic tolls and others.

Expenses, categories, reward and work scheduling management.

Association of loads and drivers. Vehicle/ trailer exchanges. Preventive maintenance. Management of associated equipment, dimensions, volumes, consumptions.

Validity and cost management.

Total integration with the billing, financial and accounting department.

Integration with different GPS systems, allowing the geographical control of the entire vehicle fleet and respective loads, in real time throughout Europe.

Automatic registry import of fuel, tolls, mobile communication, parking or others.

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