ABMN reformulated the SIMPLE area of the aTrans - logistics software system. The software for transport management presents its SIMPLE range completely renewed in terms of cost vs functionality. This repositioning of the SIMPLE offer has as main goal to make available a product version that, by keeping its basic technology, removes from it the more specific and complex functionalities. The new SIMPLE is a transport management product that focuses on the essential operations and processes, so that it can be used by all carriers, regardless of their size. The SIMPLE framework only preserves essential operations so that it is easily introduced to organisations with the least administrative resources available. This redefinition also occurs at product pricing level, making the level of investment compatible with the structure of small transport companies.


Predefined timeline for  transport operation control and planning.

Service sheets registering.

CMR control.

Cargo order handling.

Planning and controlling freight costs.

Configuration up to 5 system alerts, related to available data.

Import up to 5 costs files.

Providing a pre-defined set of analysis mapping.

Loading a simple price list.

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