Spring promotes roadshow on “Digital Transformation"

The current market dynamics require companies to be responsive and fast. Projects that are supported by time-consuming manual processes will not be able to overcome the new era challenges of business efficiency. Transforming businesses, redesigning them and equipping them with technology capable of boosting activity is no longer a competitive advantage, it is a basic need for survival in an increasingly competitive market on a global scale.
PRIMAVERA has been working for several years on productivity tools that help companies to dematerialise operations, accelerating the digital adoption process. In view of the urgency of the business transformation imposed by the new digital economy and following this mission to contribute to business competitiveness, PRIMAVERA will promote a RoadShow on "Digital Transformation", which will demonstrate how companies can take advantage of the latest news to renew their business models and increase efficiency levels.
This initiative has the collaboration of Microsoft, a strategic partner of PRIMAVERA in this area, with profound know-how and solutions for companies from various sectors of activity and dimension.
The sessions will take place in multiple cities and will include a practical component of sharing experiences of businesses that have already witnessed the advantages that technology provides for the evolution of their companies.
You can sign up for one of five sessions: