mechanic software system

ofJob is a management product designed for Automotive Repair Shops.

It presents to such companies the necessary instruments for the control of main processes inherent to their activity, with a centralised company information management. ofJob contemplates, at its base, functionalities and essential features to vehicle repair and maintenance management.


Graphic presentation of technician occupation, allowing an efficient and fast scheduling of tasks. Graphical Planning enhances operational profitability and optimizes technician's time management.

Launching all pending activities in a system, allowing subsequent follow-up. Repair orders can be scheduled in the timeline afterwards. During the carry-out of the task, the responsible technician is able to add information about the job performed.

Identification of the technician responsible for each repair order and permission to enter data into the system of performed tasks and applied gears, with immediate association of time, costs and materials to each repair order.

ofJob allows you to quickly obtain a large number of information related to the performance of various collaborators:
• Productivity and Profitability of each employee.
• Information regarding repair orders: tasks performed, time, used gear.
• Time management.
• Vehicle record.
• Daily summaries.

The complete integration with Primavera ERP avoids duplication of data entry and consequent errors that could arise. The information is bidirectional, allowing, for example, the technician responsible for a repair order to post a missing material order.

• Control of repair order status, at any time in the process.
• Control of critical dates: inspection, revisions, oil changes, or others.
• Vehicle records, by label and license plate.
• User Control and permissions.
• Information export to other formats.s.

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